My name is Candace Casey.I am 36 years old and the proud mother of three beautiful children .Nicholas ,Aiden and Destiny. I have been married to my husband Jonathan (also the father of my three Children ) Since May 1st 2008.I also have a black cat Ms kitty whom I have raised since kittenhood.her favorite place to sleep is on my head. I worked on a voluntary basis for New Beginnings Church and thrift store in Mariposa County. I am an avid reader and enjoy needlepoint and crochet in my spare time .I am a family rights advocate as well as an advocate for women ,men families and the disabled I am an Egalitarian who believes that Justice delayed is justice denied(MlK Jr)Among my favorite books are The Hiding place:Corrie Ten Boom historical nonfiction. I have two half brothers Jacob and Daniel Hunt and one half sister Tenaya Del toro as well as an adopted brother Christian Raygoza. I am a member of the CTWC choir and I enjoy helping out at my church when the opportunity arises.


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