Wounded Marine vet says boss won’t let him come to work with PTSD service dog | Fox News


Yet another instance of an Americans with disabilities act violation has occurred. The reason for lack of ” reasonable accommodations? HR not understanding the scope and severity of war inflicted post traumatic stress disorder? Hmm let’s see . The simple fact that no human being was created or ” built to kill” that soldiers live through atrocities that most of us will only see in our nightmares is not enough for them? PTSD can be all pervasive. It can lead to depression, suicidal ideation. Flashbacks of war time atrocities would in and of themselves drive the most ” grounded ” men mad. Not to mention the fact that PTSD can also lead to ” anxiety attacks” which can occur at a moment’s notice or can be ” triggered” by something unexpected. Perhaps HR needs a lesson on the impact of Post traumatic stress disorder. In any instance this soldier definitely needs an advocate. If a lack of reasonable accommodations is the only thing keeping him from doing his job and fully being integrated into larger society then there is no ” reasonable” excuse for not providing him with the means to work. He should be commended for still desiring to work given his condition, not further traumatized by being continuously ” othered”.


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