87thWho is Allah? – The Religion of Islam


I have tried to explain to so many people that not all Muslims are Jihadists or more accurately members of Isis or Daesh. While I am not as knowledgeable about Muslim tradition as I am Christianity or Judaism. I have learned some things from reading. “I am Malala”. Malalas father was to me the hero of her narrative. Due to the fact that he in many ways stood by his daughter who advocated for educating girls and was the Principal of a small village school. Malala was shot in the head by extremists.They looked down on her fathers school because they allowed the girls and boys to enter through the same corridor. Malala herself prays to the same God that these people do but her vantage point stands vastly different from theirs. It is unfortunately all too common that this occurs in many branches of religion. Especially those of Abrahamic faiths. When studying scripture it is important to understand historical context and the culture each religion and geographic region hails from. For example though the Jewish religion is largely patriarchal the ancestrage of Jews is actually matrilenial. You are only considered a Jew if you have a Jewish mother. Malala said that her own mother did not know how to read because many religious leaders forbid ” good muslim women” from either getting an education or participating in political discourse. Women were perceived as property by men for centuries. In many places they still are. That is why female genital mutilation and child marriage still exist in many pockets of the world. Anyone who erroneously proclaims that feminism has outlived its usefulness is either ignorant of these facts or simply chooses to ignore them because they have not personally been impacted by them.When many of our modern sacred texts were written women were offered as ” commerce” marriages were arranged as ” business contracts” and this is still a reality for many women around the globe . To proclaim that Feminism which many define as nothing more than the ” radical notion” that women are people is either no longer neccesary or is ” evil” is to ignore the fact that to many these views are what leads to stonings and public floggings. I cannot with a clear conscience sit idly by while misconceptions prevail. My love for God is rooted in the golden rule and hating all Muslims because of the actions of a band of extremists is to me as ridiculous as hating Christians because of the actions of the KKK, Jim Jones or other extremist groups. I do not think desecrating a mosque is ” funny” nor am I in any way amused at the idea of forcing a Muslim to eat bacon. Persecuting a woman for wearing a hijaab a prayer shawl is backwards and blind. Perhaps there are those who find my ” tolerance” offensive. Yet it is no less the simple fact that I believe being a true disciple means walking in love. Jesus never told us to hate or condemn anyone and that includes our Muslim neigbors.


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