You Know Trump’s Illegal Immigrant Crime Wave? Doesn’t Exist

Any time I read any article that attempts to ” single out” and demonize or stereotype any particular group or class of people I take it with a ” grain of salt”. I do not know how many times I feel compelled to stress the point that people are individualistically unique. Even those who suffer from some form of pathology differ in duration severity cause and scope. Furthermore documented or undocumented immigrants each have their own reasons for leaving their ” native land” are there criminals among them? Of course. Yet America is not without it’s own share of ” homegrown criminals” and ” terrorists from Timothy McVeigh to Jim Jones to the more recent Dylann roof. There has been so much violence not. Just in this country but in our world that one might assume our streets are paved with blood. Yet the majoriy of Americans are honest decent hard working citizens. From the local football coach who teaches literacy in his spare time to the Sheriff hosting boy scout meetings or the soccer moms who also head the Pta these stories get overshadowed by the more sinister aspects of human nature. We are neither thoroughly ” good” nor thoroughly evil .We posess the capacity to choose light or choose darkness. Yet remaining frightened in a state of panic even by our differences we become immobilized by irrational fear. Irrational fear thus leads to erratic behavior. It as if America as a whole is suffering from some form of media induced scizophrenia. That is a psychosis. An inability to distinguish fantasy from reality.


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