Penn State Hazing Death: Frat Brothers Texted That Pledge Looked ‘Dead’ – NBC News: Hazing when fitting in can prove fatal

There are any number of reasons why a college man might join a fraternity. It can be very alluring , the aspect of a lifestyle that allows one status and social standing. Yet hazing is often publicly humiliating and in cases like this one potentially fatal. I could easily as a feminist cite the notion that this is a byproduct of ” toxic masculinity” and I am certain that that comes into account. I do not know when or where drinking excessively became a ” right of passage” for American men. I only know that too many from my generation have suffered because of it. Even my own brother once nearly died from alcohol poisoning. Alcohol is a far more dangerous chemical then many believe it to be. When drinking in moderation it can help one unwind and relax but when overdone can lead to liver problems, kidney failure and even death. Being enebriated destroys inhibitions and leads to poor impulse control. When my husband used to drink heavily he would often fall down the stairs just as this guy did. Fortunately by the grace of God he did not suffer a fatal injury and die because of it. As insensitive as it may sound articles like this one make me feel very grateful I was never invited to a frat party.


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