One in four women hates their partner’s friends because they are a bad influence, says new study | Daily Mail Online

I dislike my husband’s friends for much different reasons than these 1, Every one of their stories begins with “Dude we got busted with so much cocaine” It seems my husband can’t make a clean and sober friend or one who doesn’t joke about “beating women to keep them in their place” as if  there is anything remotely funny about Domestic Violence. Then there is the simple fact that they just don’t comprehend why my husband who is not a Bachelor can’t run around at 2am as if he were a Bachelor.3I dislike my husband’s friends because they want to give my husband relationship advice , most of which is harmful misogynistic and outdated. They are not the man that I married and I in fact feel as if they do nothing but encrouch and interfere in our affairs.I also don’t like the fact that most of them are homeless or that 90% of them are addicts. I don’t like the fact that when I tell them I want alone time with my husband they still barge through my door uninvited and unannounced. I don’t like the fact that when they come over everything I say is ignored and my doting husband turns into a stubborn macho pig insisting on my “subordination” in order to “impress ” them. I do however like the fact that when I was afraid that my husband would attempt suicide one of them stayed to keep an eye on him for me. I like the fact that during our separation they helped him hang on to hope.What I can’t stand however is their idiotic comments about how I “wear the pants in the family” because after years of having to clean up after a bunch aimless lazy drunks I do not tolerate them treating my home as if it were the local pub. I understand that male friendships are important. I however am not a fan of having my house treated like a “man cave* I also find it perplexing that no matter how much his friends push my buttons I am somehow always in the wrong. Even when his friends committ the rudest acts such as knocking on my door at 2 am when I have a young baby asleep upstairs and I am trying not to get Social  Services called.Or when I have just brought my daughter home from the hospital and I want to sit up and breast feed her but I can’t because I have two grown ass men too lazy to get up, leave and get their own shit together parked on my couch like a couple of overgrown teenage boys. So before you tell a woman how she Should feel about her significant others friendships perhaps you should walk a mile in her shoes or ” keep your trap shut” like you are all so fond of telling us.

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