This is not what Feminism means


I also have two beautiful sons and one beautiful daughter and we all need Feminism for the following reasons 1.My children no matter what “genitalia” they are born with deserve to be valued for who they are, what they say and do.2my sons deserve to grow up in a world where they are free to see women and themselves as human beings. It is not Feminism that turns men into potential rapists .Feminism is not the voice telling men that if they don’t have sex with every woman they possibly can. Then they are not a “real man”.That is Toxic masculinity or the Pick up Artist Movement. Feminism at its roots is all inclusive. It welcomes voices from all different walks of life.Our male allies boast gay and transgender men as well as polysexuals and asexuals.I also don’t want my boys to grow up believing that being nice to a girl automatically means that they will be rewarded with sex. Of course I want my children to be kind to everyone but I do not want them to do so with Ulterior motives. Feminism is about equality between all persons no matter their gender ethnic makeup or socioeconomic status it is about building bridges not erecting walls.

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