Is this really what they think feminism is?


This is the silliest thing that I have ever seen for the following reasons. 1.Feminism isn’t about what a woman does not do for a man it is about the fact that she should not have to.2I am a feminist not only am I happily married but I cook and I clean and so does my six foot husband .The point is that A, there is nothing wrong with a woman knowing what she wants. If a man feels free to insist that a woman keep her weight under 140 as his “physical preference” there is nothing wrong with a woman deciding she prefers tall men or at least men that are as tall as she is.The rich hot guy comment is just plain silly, as a feminist I prefer to pay my own way but you can bet that I prefer a man who is ambitious and has some idea where he is going rather than a man who sits on his rump and plays video games all day. Furthermore What is wrong with a woman wanting a physically attractive mate? If men can be superficial so can we. I think these June Cleavers just fear that they might actually have to pick up a book or pretend to care about something other than their own worlds.They don’t want to think about the troubles that plague other women like single motherhood, human trafficking or disability rights it muddies their pristine Cinderellaesque fantasies where they “don’t need Feminism”.

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