Thanks, Chris Rock, for Your Asian Racism

Trump? Chris Rock what’s the difference? They both say things that are intended to be funny because they are politically incorrect. To me the fact that Chris Rock says things like this about his own race as well isn’t exactly news .However Chris Rock is far from the only comedian who endorses this type of “low brow” ethnocentric humor. Gabriel Englasias is known for making light of his Mexican heritage ,Jeff Foxworthy  does his own “You might be a Redneck if” routine. In fact most Comedians garner laughs by saying the types of things that  an individual would normally keep to themselves. Most of these things are said in jest. While I understand that the comparison of modern racism to “sorority hazing ” might seem erroneous on its surface I feel the statement might need to be reexamined: Sororities and fraternities do have some down right medieval practices.In fact there have even been more than a few instances where a frat pledge has perished due to alcohol poisoning during pledge week. Furthermore there is a widespread problem of the issue of frat parties and date rape on college campuses. I think the author of this article may have missed the undercurrent of Chris Rock’s less than stellar views of the bourgeois white culture power structure.

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