Facebook Employees Defy CEO’s Warning, Replace ‘Black Lives Matter’ With ‘All Lives Matter’ — Read Mark Zuckerberg’s Leaked Response | TheBlaze.com


In this instance I actually agree with Mark Zuckerburg. Those protesting against the #Blacklivesmatter  movement do not seem to understand the complex issues facing the black community. While it may be true that “all lives matter” , that fact in relation to the larger community has never been up for debate. The black lives matter hashtag does not imply that “white lives don’t” or even that only black lives matter. While the issue of “black on black” crime has been raised as a source of public debate to decry the movement I see no sound logic in this statement “If black lives matter why do they kill each other at such alarming rates? If they don’t care about their own survival , why should we?” I don’t know perhaps because what has been expected of them from infancy is to drop out of school, join a gang or lead a life of crime. Those individuals who do rise above this stereotype are often made fun of for “being whitewashed” for doing things like speaking well or becoming successful. I do not see #BlacklivesMatter as a solely black issue. The fact remains that as long as any human being is judged as if the color of his or her skin is a commentary on the content of his or her character than we are all being misrepresented to a certain extent because 1. The black community is still being stereotyped and 2,The larger community is buying into the stereotype. I feel very strongly that there is a more subtle form of racism fueling the #All lives matter protest and at the root is an undercurrent deeply embedded into the American psyche. That is the fear of the black community “lashing out” at the white community for the “sins of our forefathers” by this I am not just talking about slavery. That is just the tip of the iceberg. I am talking of the fear of black resentment against the white power structure. I am talking about the fact that it is in many instances far easier for a white man even with the same skills and education as his black counterpart to get hired when he walks into a company. I am talking about how the single black mother is more likely to be condemned as a Welfare Queen than her white counterpart .I am also talking about how sometimes those who have been in a place of privilege are so accustomed to that privilege that they are blind to it’s very existence. That is the only reason I can fathom for the outcry of the #All lives matter # counter protest .At the helm of it is a deep seeded fear that the black community is secretly plotting the helter skelter apocalypse and Charlie Manson was right: when the bodies are counted, they will be the only ones left standing. It is as if the white community does not truthfully believe that either community can benefit unless one of us remains in fear of the other.Also there is still the deepest undercurrent here to me that of the US vs Them mentality here, black lives are human lives yet when their voices are raised in protest, do we hear the larger community showing a great deal of understanding for their frustrations? If we want to cite black on black crime for why Black Lives Matter supposedly holds no validity than why don’t we also mention the prevalence of Caucasian on Caucasian crime as proof that All lives matter is supposedly invalid? In my estimation it is because we are trying to silence our own collective conscience .We are downplaying the validity of the movement by “cleverly” addressing an issue that the Black Community is not only well aware of  they have addressed it on multiple occasions. I guess however we might know that if we actually listened when they spoke, read what they wrote and recognized that their history is our history, their plight is our plight. Their future is our future. Only when we realize that we will understand their motives and their dreams and when their plight matters to us as much as our own will we have fulfilled our obligation or divine duty to truly “love our neighbors as ourselves”.

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