Donald Trump: ‘I Love the Poorly Educated’

Well Trump this “poorly educated” Evangelical will not be endorsing you as President but we all knew that .In fact my grandmother had an 8th grade Education and I doubt she would have thought much of The Donald’s campaign. From making fun of Presidential hopeful Carly Fiorinas physical appearance, to his disdain for Mexican Americans (some of whom are on his payroll)I see my self educated Grandmother turning the channel every time the guy speaks . Yet I can’t logically speak for Grandma she is in heaven, a place I am sure the Donald does not intend on going to considering his lack of understanding of the basic tenets of forgiveness and repentance.. In fact considering the inappropriate joke he made about dating his own daughter amidst rape allegations from his ex wife I am a bit dumbfounded that any of my Evangelical friends are considering voting for him .I always knew the world I lived in was crazy but I can’t believe it’s sunk this low. God help us, everyone.

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