Texas Defunded Planned Parenthood and Women Got Less Birth Control, Had More Babies


I knew this would more than likely be the result of efforts to defund planned parenthood would result in women being denied access to both contraceptives and birth control. I did not however realize that removing funding from planned parenthood would cause a domino effect of other women’s health clinics being closed.This is not good.In the end the simple fact that more pregnancy is occurring could potentially lead to back alley abortions taking place .This is something that I fear will only make matters far worse .While I personally do not believe in abortion ( meaning that I have never had one and do not see myself as ever getting one) I realize that many women seek abortion for various health and safety reasons ( It isn’t always as simple as “I don’t want to be a mother at this time)My youngest brother falsely believed that he was the survivor of a ” botched abortion ” so at one time he became a “right to lifer”. The truth however was far less complex than that.At one point someone attempted to talk our mother into having an Abortion when she was pregnant with him.She however chose not to even entertain the idea.Our mother did not have it easy.She was born without hands and she suffered from Schizophrenia as well as bipolar disorder. She however did the best she could. She was always very involved in our lives even volunteering at our school and making sure she attended every parent teacher conferrence as well as  choir recitals and school plays . I realize that the decision to become a mother is as they say a monumental one because it is ” the decision to forever have your heart walking around living outside of your body ” .

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