Autism? No male privilege perhaps

In the case of Elliot Rodgers this is the first time I ever heard that he was “Autistc” In earnest I have read a wide variety of articles about his shooting and he wrote a lengthy manifesto about why he targeted “blonde sluts” or sorority girls .He felt rejected by women and took his anger out on  them.While in many other situations I have heard that “mental illness” was the primary motivation for a shooting to be honest I seldom hear Aspergers or Autism being identified as the “Culprit”. In fact most individuals consider these conditions to be ” brain disorders ” or “developmental delays” rather than genuine “chemical imbalances”.It is usually Schizophrenia or Post traumatic stress disorder that holds the connotation of ” violence ” for many.In the case of the Columbine shooters it was the antidepressants themselves that were considered the “aggressor” oddly enough people will find any “Scapegoat” necessary.

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