How To Stop Rape

If this article was intended as “satire” its “humor” was lost somewhere in the prose .Let’s start with the assumption that most men comprehend that rape is morally reprehensible. While on the surface that rings true according to a book written by a police officer that specializes in sexual related crimes; he was flabbergasted to discover that while conducting seminars on preventing date rape when he posed the following question to a group of  male students at a University. Have you ever raped a girl? Of course no ones hands went up.However when he rephrased the question this way “How many of you have ever forced a girl to have sex on a date?” Half the hands in the auditorium went up.So despite what  individuals like Roosh would have us believe there exists definitive proof that not all young men clearly grasp even the definition of rape, let alone the concept of the fact that rape is a disgusting vile act.Furthermore the guy actually alludes to the assumption that if a woman enters into a man’s apartment rape is likely to happen or that she should “expect sexual intercourse” to take place. I suppose the fact that most rapes occur within a woman’s own living quarters, not that of her “date” are lost on this guy. In addition I don’t see him using the same tired arguments about men being “intoxicated” or drugged as an excuse to rape them.This type of “satire” is just too idiotic to pass as “funny” .


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