Where in the U.S. Will the Minimum Wage Rise on January 1?


Many of my wealthier friends do not get my stance on the minimum wage . I have heard them say some pretty judgmental things about a person being “paid what their worth” to me this is both classist and Elitist.Maybe I see things differently because I have lived below or just at the poverty line before and honestly the women in my family don’t waste their time with “bread crumbs” we buy our own flour and make our bread from scratch. I know what it’s like to literally save every penny to sometimes have to sell the things that you own that are the most valuable or even God forbid pawn something in order to pay for groceries. Many of my friends have never gone to bed hungry and may just not comprehend the simple fact that poverty is not something that just affects the feeble or the lazy.I have known successful business men who lost everything at one point and had to start over by taking shifts at McDonald’s.. The simple fact remains that poverty is part of the human condition and unfortunately as long as greed is prevalent there will always be those who “hoard” while others remain begging for bread crumbs. I do not seek to become wealthy for its own sake I live by the firm conviction that other than the fact that it is the medium of exchange in our society money itself holds no intrinsic value. To me it is absolutely insane that green slips of paper with pictures of dead Presidents on them control so much of our lives. From where we live to who we befriend.However Jesus himself said that a man cannot serve two masters for he will either hate the one and love the other or cling to one while despising the other.We cannot serve both the lord and money.I am often somewhat upset and offended at the attitude I encounter in Christian chat groups where people appear to make blanket statements regarding how “worthless and lazy” homeless people are .My heart becomes grieved and sorrowful because I talk to these people, I have heard there stories. Like the woman who lost everything because her house caught on fire.Or my pastor who had to move into the church property because the bank foreclosed on his home.I do not make the ignorant assumption that because I am a believer it could never happen to me.It indeed can and has but as with Job whom God restored God was Faithful and saw me through that time of trial.My hearts most earnest desire is to help him lift up others from the ash heap not make them remain under my boothhill.


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