Toddlers Shot More People In U.S. Than Islamic Terrorists In 2015

This news doesn’t exactly surprise me.I have long believed that America’s preoccupation with guns often leads to accidental death. Like the story I read about the woman who carried a gun in her purse to Wal mart and her three year old grabbed it and shot her with it.I for one have no idea why anyone Actually believes that they might need to carry a gun to Walmart in the first place. I shop there on a regular basis and I have never run into an encounter that might require the use of a Registered Firearms.Despite the prevailing prejudice that “all Muslims are terrorists” I have known more than a few real life Muslims and not a single  one of them ever came across as “violent” or “diabolical” in any way .In fact most of my Muslim friends appear to be quiet and reserved. We are in no more danger from them than we are the average American toddler with a gun wielding mama.


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