She Complained About ‘Junkie’ Ruining Her Meal, But Is Gonna Feel Real Silly When She Learns Truth

I seriously can’t believe what I actually just read.Even if the woman in question was in fact a “junkie that overdosed” any decent human being with a shred of compassion should realize that a dying person takes precedent over their silly meal. For one thing New years Eve is just another day like all other days it comes and goes. The simple fact remains that anyone’s life is far more precious than a group of people seeking to have a good time .To me the fact that it was an elderly woman having a heart attack and not a junkie changes very little. I have known people who died of drug overdose and to me the death of an addict is just as heartbreaking as anyone else’s death. Especially considering the fact that addicts usually die young and those “junkies” may be just a “waste of space” to you but everyone of those individuals is someone s son, someones daughter or sister, nephew or cousin, aunt or uncle , mom or dad.Most “junkies” have far more people caring about them and praying for their recovery than any of them might realize .I can only say that whomever wrote this atrocious post sounds just like they suffer from Narcissistic personality disorder .


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