‘Our Nation Is in Trouble’: Franklin Graham Warns That ‘We’ve Turned Our Back on God’ — but He Has a Bold Plan to Fight Back | TheBlaze.com


While I believe very strongly that believers should pray for those in authority especially our nation’s leaders for wisdom and divine guidance I take issue with believers becoming too concerned with National politics.I believe very strongly that ultimately I am a citizen of heaven, not earth.As Abraham was we are sojourners and pilgrims in this world, we are just passing through on the way to our final destination. Believers often become so obsessed with “changing the culture” around us that we forget the edict Jesus gave in The sermon on the Mount for us to be “salt and light” there is to be a distinguishing mark that sets us as believers apart from the rest of the world .Our words and actions should be cultivating a thirst for the living Waters in the hearts and minds of those who do not currently know Jesus.We need to stop cursing the darkness for being dark and become far more concerned with why we as the “light” are not shining brilliantly enough to eradicate and expell that darkness. Arise shine for our light has come ( Isaiah 61:1)


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