Feminist Founder of Femen Brazil Apologizes to Christians and Declares Herself Pro-Life | TheBlaze.com


I am saddened when I read articles like this one.As a woman who considers herself both Christian and Feminist I have not encountered exactly what is described here however I do recall that while I was in college one of my male friends insinuating that I was not truly “liberated” because I was still a virgin. My response? Feminism is about women reclaiming their own power and choosing their own roles in life as far as sex went for me it made more sense to wait .I never attempted to “slut shame” or pass judgment on my friends for engaging in hookup culture I was just self aware enough to realize that that particular lifestyle was incompatible with my ultimate relationship goal which was a stable monogamous marriage. I found my prince and I didn’t have to sleep with a single frog on my way to that destination.


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