Despicable Police Union Prez on Tamir Rice’s Toy Gun: ‘Act Like a Thug and You’ll Be Treated Like One’

Act like an idiot, be treated like one.I have seen this picture so many times and it makes me sad each and every time. Despite what I have read others proclaim about how Tamir Rice supposedly looked “much older” he looks in this photograph like any other twelve or even eleven year old boy.When did it become a crime for a child to play with a toy gun on a playground? If he were a little white boy would he have been brandished a “thug”? My guess is no.To me its sad that a kid cannot even enjoy a normal childhood because from a young age all that is seen is the color of his skin,the content of his character unfortunately has been overshadowed by the perception that he is a criminal or potentially dangerous because he is the wrong ” color”.


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