Mother Jailed for Sobbing in Court after Losing Custody to Abusive Father | Holy Hormones Journal | | Holy Hormones Journal

Perhaps I am a bit biased because I have seen so many women screwed over in the courtroom setting but I have never truly believed the assumption that women in general are ever given a fair shake either in family court or in the criminal justice system at large.It all dates back to the simple fact that the very word ” testimony ” was derived from an ancient practice wherein a man placed his hands upon his testicles and literally swore on his “family jewels” that he was telling the truth and women originally were not even permitted to speak in the courtroom and I still believe there remains a gender bias that assumes a woman is fabricating evidence when it comes to domestic violence , despite the fact that a small percentage of women might be diabolical enough to pull such a thing I have personally seen enough real life domestic violence treated with skepticism to know that “false accusations” are nowhere near as prevalent as the men’s rights movements proponents would like most of us to believe. In a world where victims are blamed for their perpetrators behavior why would it be?A woman would have to be crazy to knowingly open herself up to that level of scrutiny. Articles like this one where a woman’s eldest male child even try to intervene and testify on behalf of the mother seem to abound.The fact that it’s usually a female judge pounding on that gavel and rendering such an order as to throw a mother in jail to cry when she loses custody makes me fear Compassion has become extinct in this modern era.


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