Zika tests Catholic position on birth control – CNN.com


This is huge.The Catholic Churches long stance on the “intrinsic evil” of birth control is something that the rest of modern Christendom has long found perplexing. Despite the original edict God gave to Adam and Eve to ” be fruitful and multiply” the Earth now is inhabited by seven million members of the human race not to mention the other variegated animal species. In fact many believe that we are facing a population surplus. To many believers our stance on the doctrinal position of birth control has evolved along with the changing times much like the position of women working outside the home( we now live in a two income per household economy ) but the Catholic church has remained largely stagnant in this area despite the epidemics of AIDS, the prevalence of teen pregnancy or the spread of venereal diseases.Unfortunately as a Pentecostal teen I encountered quite a few young women within my own faith tradition who made the decision to become sexually active but shunned contraception because they believed that “good girls” did not “plan” for sexual activity it was just something that happened in ” the heat of the moment”.In contrast as soon as I entered into my first serious romantic relationship I went to see my doctor for a prescription for birth control as a precaution. Becoming a parent is always a possibility once one makes the decision to become sexually active and I strongly believe that if an individual feels they are not ready to accept that responsibility if pregnancy occurs then sexual activity should be avoided or at least mitigated by using more than one form of contraception in the beginning we used the pill , condoms and spermicide. When we decided to become parents we realized that the responsibility of raising a child was nothing to shake a stick at.I love all three of my children more than anything in this world but I would probably be resentful if I felt as if I had been forced into the decision to become a parent because I mistakenly believed that it was my ” divine duty” I do not at all see that as a healthy theology.


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