Berlin teen admits fabricating migrant gang-rape story –

As a woman and a feminist these types of stories seriously infuriate me. I remember once when I was a teenager a friend of mine fabricated a story that a man dragged her into the woods and “raped her” because she didn’t want to admitt that she had been ” parking” with her boyfriend. That however wasn’t the worst part the worst part was that she spun this sordid tale in front of our youth group. Of course she later admitted to our youth pastor that the story was made up but by then the damage was already done.Every time a false accusation of rape or sexual assault is made it makes it harder for real life victims to be believed when something actually does occur. As a woman who has escaped attempted rape on more than a few occasions I was fortunate enough to be taught a variety of precautions that have proven indispensable when dealing with shady strangers1. If you can always find a way to get away from an assailant by going somewhere where there is an abundance of lights and people. 2. When a potential attacker approaches yell Fire!, not rape if people think a rape is taking place they are less likely to intervene because of a fear of becoming injured but if a fire is believed to be spreading people take notice because of how quickly fires spread and the fact that most people know the basics of  putting out a stop , drop and roll, very few people are skilled enough even at basic self defense to scare off a potential rapist.3 carry pepper spray or a tazer at all times when all else fails spray the attacker in the eyes etc.4. Run like the wind. Fortunately for me because I am somewhat of a stand offish woman who is percieved as hostile towards catcallers and the like ( mostly because I find them extremely freaking irritating) my personality alone is usually enough to deter an assailant.When a guy percieves that you are far more likely to kick him in the balls than you are to just stand there and surrender without putting up a fight he is generally more likely to move along to an ” easier target”.


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