I Rescued A Husky And Later He Saved Me From An Abusive Relationship | Bored Panda


I have always thought that huskies were among the most beautiful dogs in existence and this article proves that their beauty is not merely “skin deep”. I will confess that until recently I did not really see myself as an animal person. Though no one would describe me as a ” neat freak ” by any stretch of the imagination I prefer a home free of the smell of animal urine amongst other more pungent aromas.Yet as a true sentimentalist  I adore any heart warming story that pays tribute to our furry four legged friends .This young woman finds her knight in Shining armour on Craigslist and this Article is a heartwarming and harrowing tale about the transformative power of the kind of unconditional love that only man’s ( or in this case Woman’s) best friend appears to be Capable of.


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