What Is #GamerGate and Why Are Women Being Threatened About Video Games? | TIME


Reading articles like this one seriously make me lose faith in humanity. What I find most ironic about the whole gamergate scandal is the simple fact that that an article was published that was entitled “Feminist bullies and how they are destroying the gaming community” because feminist authors bloggers and vloggers choose to examine sexist tropes within video games. That is what Feminism is about it is about addressing stereotypes within popular culture that lead to aggressive or violent behavior against women or just examining the internalized misogyny that is all around us. We do it with everything from Romance novels, beauty and clothing marketing, chick flicks or Romantic Comedies as we know them.It has nothing to do with attacking the persons who either created those games or those who enjoy playing them.The ironic part is that after referring to feminists within the gaming community as bullies they go on to not only threaten to kill those same women but to make idiotic remarks about driving them to the point of suicide.Within the subtext of this conversation piece is notes on an interactive educational video game called depression quest and amid claims that she slept with five different guys do”KICKSTART” her career not even caring that doing this to her proved her point about the way women are depicted sexually within vide games translated into real life harassment of a young woman who was guilty of doing nothing more than trying to make a living doing something that she loved.I have a confession to make: I am not a gamer. Sure I have enjoyed my occasional day at the arcade perhaps playing Mortal Kombat , PAC man or some other old school game not in circulation but I admitt my disdain for the majority of video games has nothing ( for the most part) to do with gaming’s dismal depiction of women.I a Understand that video games exist in a world of fantasy and it stands to reason that if a game is created by a male developer there is a likelihood that the women in his make believe world will probably not act like women do in real life. B. I have loathed video games for their complete lack of educational value and the fact that my generation appears to spend more time in the world of virtual reality than they do the world of actual reality.That being said I am tempted by a console and a copy of this Depression Quest game because as someone who suffers from Mental illness I think it is great that awareness can be spread through such a popular form of media.I have enjoyed other more feminist video games such as Buffy for X box and the only popular game besides that I cared for was The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time which I often played with my brother Daniel when we were Sharing an apartment. ( I may be a book nerd but I do have a gamer brother)I also think that marketing more educational video games sounds like a great investment .I just find it incredibly sad that some men seem to be so threatened by a woman seeking to educate others about the harm sexism can cause or just how it affects us as women that they feel the need to bully, demean, degrade and threaten her all the while complaining that she is the “crazy one” merely for speaking her own mind.Apparently the cut throat world of gaming is dangerous to women in both virtual and actual reality.


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