What Is “#Gamer Gate”? It’s Misogyny, Under The Banner Of “Journalistic Integrity” | Bustle


From everything I have read so far I tend to agree with this .Tbh I find it kind of puzzling that another article just flippantly tossed aside the “death threats” thing claiming that anyone of note receives death threats whether male or female conveniently leaving out the fact that every threat made against many of these women carried sexual ie rape overtones.Something the so called “balanced” piece written from the opposite perspective conveniently left out.I also think and perhaps this may be anti Pc of me that perhaps women and men view these “death threats” differently. As a general rule when women disagree with each other we don’t say things like “go jump off a building” we tend to try to agree to disagree .I have to admitt that for me as a disabled woman a death threat is never something I could take lightly or in stride and if these women’s claims of having their emails and phones hacked into are true those are serious invasions of privacy as well as having text messages from a previous relationship and photos of you in your lingerie plasted all over the internet. If anything the only thing this tells me about the so called whistleblowers in the gamergate scandal is that they themselves do not understand the concept of “integrity” to be launching a campaign towards that end and that obviously they never mentally graduated from the 8 th grade.


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