Smart Men Tell Us Why They Date Dumb Women – TheGloss

What I basically gathered from this article is that some men actually still feel a pathetic need to keep the “upper hand” in a relationship. Crazy  me ,as a woman who held out on sex until she was ready I thought it was simply “there’s no tricking a smart woman into the sack before she wants to be there”. As it turns out not only do men still feel ” emasculated ” by a woman who just might be more “well read” and educated than he is they are also under the ridiculous impression ( based on another article)  that women they deem to be “cute” rather than “hot” are “easier to control” dude this is 2015,when will you guys learn? A woman’s physical attractiveness in your “estimation” has nothing to do with what she is like in a relationship? Women are complex creatures even those of us your arrogant minds have deemed as “,simpletons” my hearts prayer is that these “dumb” women someday live in a world where they feel safe to show their true colors. I would just like to add I can’t take anything this author says seriously as in his ignorant estimation a “kindergarten teacher” he dated is included in this list of “dumb weak women” anyone who underestimates five year olds isn’t particularly “bright” in my book.


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