My God is Not Invisible

My God is isn’t invisible.. He doesn’t live in the God stepped into time in the form of an infant merely because he sought to share love with you and I.  Do you really think it’s clever do you really think it’s cute? Offering a shallow understanding of something you can’t refute? I am not in any way offended or amused..on the contrary I feel quite sorry for you.I live my life with purpose because I understand one thing: The Jesus that you mock and ridicule loves you as much as he does me.You see the world as suffering empty and cruel and ask how a loving God can exist? I see the same and ask how people can reject the outstretched arms of a loving God? Did it ever occur to you that those of us who do choose to believe have chosen the path we have taken for a reason? I would love to have the luxury of unbelief in so many ways it might make my life so much simpler. When the world made no sense I could merely accept it as a matter of course but let’s be honest no one who knows me actually believes that I like doing things the “easy way” and I as a human being am quite can choose to believe that God lives in the sky if that helps you in not comprehending that the God I serve lives in the hearts of his people. I see him every time that I open my eyes he is in the leaves as they fall from the trees, he is in the comfort of the words other believers speak to me. He is the song that I choose to sing in the darkest hour before the dawn.He is the well that I draw comfort from when I pray.So my beliefs might be a joke to you but they certainly are not a joke to me.Others have bled and died for me to worship as I choose and for your right to refuse ..That is not something that I take lightly .I know in whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.He is my healer my deliverer my friend and my confidant and his visibility in my life is something which you may never fully comprehend. I have never known a greater or kinder friend who chose to wear a crown of thorns upon his brow so I can enjoy the freedom that I have now.Love transcends time and space and his love for me is what finally set my heart free.


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