Why Fat Girls Don’t Deserve to Be Loved


I don’t know which part of this sexist , racist ableist diatribe I find the most off putting because its all pretty horrendous. Let’s start with the ridiculous assumption that “love and sex” are the same thing. On what distant planet does this guy actually live? Any idiot can choose to reject a sexual partner on solely physical traits but I don’t know of anyone that actually believes that relationships have anything to do with that. Not only is my own father happily married to a “fat woman” but I am in the plus sized camp and have a very devoted husband. Furthermore this idiot actually thinks that men should assume that a heavier or physically unattractive woman should be “grateful ” for any male attention given her? Are you kidding me? When either sex makes the assumption that they are “out of the others league” they get the appropriate response when doors are slammed in their arrogant narcissistic faces.Not to mention he dreams of a world where women are shamed into succumbing to “men’s” teasing resulting in weight loss? I use the term “men” loosely here because they more closely resemble that of a postpubescent teenage boy who hasn’t yet discovered how to live amongst other human beings yet.His assumptions about psychiatric disorders and the female proclivity towards violence are overshadowed by the fact that over half of all violent crimes are committed by men, almost all wars are started by men, nearly all acts of terrorism can be attributed to men, from the shootings at Columbine, to the works of Elliot Rodgers or Dylan Roof its a man holding the gun with his finger on the trigger nearly each and every time. Furthermore a large portion of crime committed by these men can be linked in some way to feeling rejected by women, even Klebold and Harris’s of Columbine fame, one was rumored to have a crush on Rachel Scott whom he referred to in his Journals as a “godly whore” before he shot and killed her.As for the ridiculous assumption that a pregnancy should not cause weight gain this idiot far more closely resembles a “pig” than any obese man or woman that I could ever possibly encounter. He also does both obese women and men a grave injustice by speaking for us something he admitted we are fully capable of ourselves so let me break it down: The reason there is no “male fat acceptance movement” is really quite simple: Men in our culture are not DEFINED solely based on their physical attributes. I dated a guy who was overweight back when I was the “thin hot chick” and the only problem I had with him was the fact that he Couldn’t accept his weight because of Jackasses like the guy who wrote this asinine article. As the proud mother of a daughter I long to see grow up without the pressure to only “look pretty” and not be someone worthwhile I hope every pigheaded fool like this one stops procreating with the only women who might ever give him the time of day and stops muddying the gene pool with his unbelievably impressive brand of stupidity.


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