‘Secret to enjoying sex when your wife’s unwilling is don’t look at her face’ Christian website tells men – Mirror Online


Whomever wrote this idiotic article has obviously not studied the writings of the Apostle Paul. In Ephesians chapter five it clearly states that just as the wife “has not full control over her own body but the husband, also the husband has not control over His body but the wife meaning this ” sex within the marriage bed  must be consensual ” there are even verses that indicate that a couple can choose to abstain from sex to “give themselves to fasting and prayer”. A wife is not ” obligated to begrudgingly give her husband sex, ” and a husband who actually regards his wife “as his own flesh” would not expect sex from her when she doesn’t feel like it. I really loathe the fact that people actually think this tripe is what the “majority” of Christians believe because if I heard this nonsense being preached from the pulpit I would walk straight out of the church.There are absolutely no scripture references here and this person is distorting what he believes in order to promote an ideal that is in no way biblical. Disgusting.


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