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It absolutely infuriates me that this ever happens to any of the men and women whom have ever worked in the armed forces.I cannot fathom the fact that any returning soldier is ever cast aside or discarded.I sometimes am ashamed of my country as Michelle Obama would say but for very different reasons. I have seen so many veterans who have come back to a country , their country that they were on the front lines of battle for that largely does not accept them with “open arms” protesting a war is one thing actively condemning those who fight but did not “wage” the war is another. Most of the individuals I know who enlisted did so because they love America and most of those individuals are people from all walks of life who are united by one common purpose. I do not even think I can accurately describe it because I am not a “soldier” .Yet I do know that soldiers are not just “weak minded drones” carrying out the “governments orders” either. I have several family members some in the Army ,Navy and the Marines my father in law was in the Air force and my grandfather in the National Guard.I have nothing but respect for our armed forces and I am a self described “Pacifist” but just because I am not a soldier does not mean that I do not understand that sometimes a war might be necessary.I of course am talking about very real and looming threats particularly those on American soil.That aside my heart breaks when I see a veteran coming home to a place where often he or she is not only not treated with honor but where they can be denied jobs because of PTSD (real or imagined) or they end up homeless and on street corners asking for money and it angers me at the same time. Where are the benefits they were promised? Its as if the government has written them a “blank check” and maniacally laughing at them while they attempt to cash it and discover that it has absolutely no “value”. I can’t reconcile this pathetic promise of a government by the people for the people that is OK with this serious miscarriage of justice.


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