Assaulted N.J. child welfare worker not surprised by new attacks |

This to me is a many faceted problem

As someone who has experienced having my children ripped literally from my arms I know what it is like to be angry at the people who did it.I know what its like to have a social worker laugh at me while there are tears streaming down my face because all that I wanted was for them  to not take my child from me.To those who knew me and saw me every day with my son they knew he was not “abused or neglected” in any way.They also knew exactly how much my little boy was loved and cherished by everyone who knew him.Nicholas was according to all accounts from his doctors, my pastors, my friends and both sides of his extended family a happy and well behaved baby.He was seldom seen without a smile upon his face and he only cried when he was hungry , tired or needed changing.
Yet that is not the narrative that CPS would have you believe.Exaggerating and embellishing a story that was nothing more than a vicious rumor is how they obtained their “emergency removal”. I was told by a friend of my husband that our next door neighbor had spread a malicious rumor that my husband ” beat me and the baby”.The biggest problem was the simple fact that she was spreading this manure at her place of work and my landlady also happened to work there.It was nothing more than a vindictive and jealous person causing problems for us but my landlady had known the other girl for years and had barely met me .Even though it was proven by way of an invasive medical examination that neither my son nor myself were the victims of “abuse” I was told that my son could not remain safely in my custody. I had never in a million years dreamed that I would be a parent that had a child removed from my care.In my naïveté I had assumed that such things could only happen to the “worst people” I did not know that the events within the next five years would alter the course of my life forever.


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