Real Women Don’t Want A Feminist Boyfriend

This author is completely and utterly clueless.Let me start by claiming that his insistence that “vulnerability” is a solely female trait.To be vulnerable is to be human and vice versa.There is nothing within Feminism that actually denies the woman the right to be vulnerable; the beauty of feminism is that we also welcome vulnerability in Men.Some of my closest male friends feel safer confiding in me than they ever will be with their “dudebro” buddies because I do not ridicule or rib them when they cry.As far as reminding women that we have a “vagina” as a sign of said “vulnerability” when was the last time a man pushed an almost ten pound baby through his penis? The differences between men and women are not just within our biology. My husband for the most part has experienced the life that I once desired he’s worked outside the home ..I supported him in his dreams and now he feels confident in supporting me in mine. My husband is a better cook than I am, I am better at handling finances then he is we both play to our own individual strengths. As a disabled woman who struggled with self esteem and identity issues Feminism offered me a voice that had long been silenced.I will not give that up because men choose not to educate themselves about the good Feminism is attempting to achieve in our world or because other women fear being misunderstood.I am used to people judging me before they know me at least now I have a chance to offer an explanation as to why.Furthermore my non feminist husband had absolutely no complaints about my “aggressiveness” in the beginning of our relationship nor did he ever claim to be “emasculated” by it.The truth is that real women choose their own significant others based on their own preferences just as real men aren’t afraid to show their own vulnerability. True love isn’t about power the author got that much right but it’s also not about disempowering anyone either , in fact the truest love uplifts ignites and emboldens and is often compared to a “flame” .A flame cannot be contained and it does not bend to the laws of nature it consumes and it devours everything standing in its path. It is not calm or steady but frightening in its intensity and strength .A man who seeks to quench that fire burning within her probably isn’t in love .


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