New Delhi gang-rape convict released –

Crime has won we have lost…these are the words echoed by this young woman’ s parents. She was publicly raped and brutalized and her intestines were removed as part of the heinous act.This was part of a gang rape ritual performed by three young men the youngest of which has been released to a “treatment facility” after only three short years in prison the others who were over 18 at the time of the rape were sentenced to the death penalty they died in prison. This article makes so much glaringly obvious to me 1 it is absolutely true that rape is an act of violence and that the rapist is seeking complete power and control over the victim that is the tragic reason why so many rapes end up in death.2 There is no justice for the victim because her name is hidden in spite of the fact that she herself has done nothing to feel “shame for” and she was killed by her attackers 3.Rape is not a “small problem” in India ;its a misnomer that a problem is merely measured by how frequently or infrequently something is believed to occur because the truth is far more complex than that. Just because some women may never be raped does not diminish the suffering of those who do experience rape or sexual assault.That is like saying starvation is a small problem because most people in the United States have not experienced it .The pipers experience is not and cannot be overshadowed by the luxury or legacy of the Prince .Rape is a colossal problem and it is one most often hid behind a cloak of shame and secrecy even by the victim themselves. This is what rape culture is to me a societal morale that says silence must be kept in order for dignity to remain. A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.. ( Mlk jr)We do not conquer demons by pretending that they don’t exist we expel them with the light.


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