Feminists love cougars; young men don’t – Washington Times


This is about the worst thing I have ever read.funnily enough I actually know women dating men a couple of decades their juniors and tbh the young men in question aren’t going anywhere. The whole concept that a man who dates younger women is just simply a “man” while a woman dating a younger man is a “desperate housewife” is a misnomer. As a woman who was hit on by the rogaine crowd when she was in her twenties we had a term far less flattering than the term “Cougar” used to describe men who had a thing for very young women it was the classic “Dirty old man ,”not exactly flattering either. I especially Cringed when a man who’s wife was dying from cancer hit on me while his wife lay on her deathbed. So women are somehow supposed to stick to ” men their own age” but its OK for men to be that creepy old guy from “American beauty?” The dude with the hots for a teenage girl? I think not .Besides whether men want to admitt or not women tend to retain their health and vitality longer than their male counterparts which is one of the reasons young men often do fall for older women and its no more”shameful ” than when it happens in reverse.I want to end this by saying “the author drives his sexist point home by mentioning a scar from a C section?” Are you kidding me? But if this where a young woman and that scar was from a “battle wound” that would be “cool” right? A mother is no different :a body haven given birth is not ruined it is part of being a woman she is a tiger who has earned her stripes and its her business who to reveal them to.


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