ISIS Makes New Law: Any Child Born With Down’s Syndrome, Or With Physical Deformities, Must Be Killed. Muslim Men Are Now Drowning And Suffocating Mentally Handicap Children – Walid Shoebat

As a Christian woman and a feminist I feel this article makes a great deal of unfair of assumptions regarding feminism and Isis.Real Feminism is Intersectional and true feminists Advocate as much for those with disabilities as they do women and people of color. The estimation that ” the feminists have killed millions of children with down syndrome ” is based on an assumption that  every aborted child was a child with a congenital anomaly, that however is not entirely accurate. Many feminists do lobby for abortion rights and do believe in abortion as either a means of birth control or in extreme circumstances such as the cases of rape or incest or a mother’s life being in danger due to the complications related to a high risk pregnancy. It is however false to assume that feminism as a whole is unaccepting of persons with disabilities because my experience with feminist activism against ableism has proven that to be inaccurate. Furthermore this author really needs to be more properly educated regarding Nazi propaganda. Hitler’s prejudice against disabled persons went far beyond simply believing they were a burden on the state, it extended to a theory that disabled persons were mentally , psychologically and spiritually inferior notions that the feminist community as a whole most certainly does not share. In fact Hitler’s ideology was so insidious that he ordered the writings of Helen Keller, a deaf, blind mute who was considered the founder of American sign language destroyed. Keller’s works were considered so profound that they challenged the ideology of “disabled inferiority”. Feminism is not Isis, they are not waging a war, nor practicing genocide on Anyone it is unfair to compare the two because even the most radical of feminists are not performing abortions in droves perhaps it is not fair for me to speak on their behalf as I am not a feminist who truly understands the abortion rights activism aspect of feminism, I have never had an abortion nor do I think I ever will.I am simply a woman who believes in equality amongst all persons including those born differently and as someone who does support reproductive rights and was denied custody of my own children based on disability I am far more concerned with the right to parent than the right not to parent.After my third child I had my tubes tied because I could not bear to keep giving birth while being denied the right to mother.Feminism just like any other ideology is versatile it means many things to many different people. For me it meant that I was no longer shackled by the burden of being seen only as a physical being and for a one armed woman with psoriasis and body image issues that was and has been like a tall drink of water in a desert.In essence just because one makes a statement regarding an entire group in an article does not make that factually accurate. Comparing feminists to someone ordering disabled children killed based on an extreme religious ideology is unfair on its face because Feminism also Advocate against this type of religious extremism based on intolerance yes including those of us who identify as “Christian” first.


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