Christian women: feminism is not your friend – The Matt Walsh Blog

This guy just doesn’t get it.Feminism is nothing more than the Radical Notion that women are human beings of equal value to men.Why does everyone assume that equal in this context translates into “the same as” the last I checked even in mathematical terms equal means “having the same value as” not being identical to. As far as saying that “there is nowhere that women don’t have equal rights” I think he is ignoring a very important reality: There are many pockets in the world where women are forbidden from even seeking an Education.If feminism had truly outlived its usefulness then that would not be true.A woman who accuses a man of rape even when there exists clear and and convincing evidence of his guilt is still treated in many instances with more suspicion and lack of dignity than her perpetrator.Furthermore the bible itself contains some “shockingly feminist examples” of none other than Jesus himself including but not limited to Jesus standing guard over the woman caught in the act of Adultery while an angry mob sets out to stone her, he merely reminds them that they are not sinless either and thus all are convicted that they have no right to stand over her in judgment knowing they may have committed equal or greater sins.Also please note that the very notion that feminist theory is not flexible is problematic at best because the greatest feminist voices are those who are considered “Intersectional” and contrary to popular opinion those of us who identify as Feminists as well as Christians do not seek to “undermine our marriages” on the contrary my love for my husband spills over into me being greatly grieved because he was socialized not to discuss his feelings for a fear that others might exploit his weaknesses including me his blushing bride as a Christian feminist it is not “Patriarchy” per se I have a problem with but the dangerous undercurrent of Patriarchy known as toxic masculinity that I believe is as harmful to men as women. It is this notion that of the Alpha male or ideal man that I believe can lead from everything to rape, sexual assault , spousal abuse , and even male suicide not only do I believe Feminism is still needed in our world it is vital to men as well as women because men have been programmed by a dangerous culture to deny the more “feminine” aspects of their identity for fear of being percieved as weak. I long to see a day where men aren’t called “pussies” for shedding a few tears when someone they love passes away, where men have the same freedom to either stay home or seek a career that women have been recently enjoying without being labeled “Mr mom” where men are as comfortable standing beside their wives in leadership positions as they once were asking her to stand beside him.Most importantly it isn’t Feminism that isn’t my friend it is this authors rather shallow understanding of what that word actually means. I for one feel abundantly blessed that I married a man who may not identify with the “feminist label” but who doesn’t feel that I am the only one in our home is responsible for cooking cleaning and taking care of babies.I love that my husband taught me how to cook, I love that he desired a wife, not a maid and that he treats me as an equal without denying me a voice, I no more need to choose between being a Christian and a feminist than this author should choose between being godly and being godly and being educated, the two should never conflict and when they do its either to do with a flaw in ideology or a flaw in theology.


One thought on “Christian women: feminism is not your friend – The Matt Walsh Blog

  1. To be honest I am far more concerned that my sons might be programmed by a dangerous culture to become actual rapists than I am of a young woman being leery of a man she does not know. I’m also more concerned about my own daughters safety than I am any young man’s ” bruised feelings”.


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