Ronda Rousey Just Got Busted Revealing Something That Could Ruin Her ‘Role Model’ Reputation…

What really defines a person as a “,role model”? Ronda Roussey to me is just like any other feminist icon.She has her good points and her bad.As for the assertion that she was sleeping with a man while he was ” happily married ” I reaffirm that it takes two to tango.Clearly the man was less than satisfied with his marriage if he a chose to “bed ” another woman and b they ended up divorced.Truly happy marriages do not end in divorce they are “,till death do us part”. As for her comments about “, do nothing bitches ” I think I may have heard myself make similar speeches but without the profanity. It isn’t about “hating other women” or not celebrating every woman. It is often frustrating to me as a disabled woman who literally does everything for herself to think that there are women who would rather get by on nothing more than their ability to go above and beyond what is asked of me has in times past been foreshadowed by the fact that someone “prettier” than me “stole my thunder” in any instance Men would be best advised not to “pick” female “role models” for us we are after all perfectly capable of doing that for ourselves.


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