What the Term “Man Cave” Really Means – The Radical Notion


To be honest , perhaps it is the extreme introvert in me but the concept of the “man cave” is not something I as a married woman take offense at. Why? I have very different taste in furniture and decor than my husband and if he picks out something hideous I can banish it to the “man cave” without having to look at it.I also am not offended by the fact that my husband sometimes needs to “get away” from Me because in all sincerity we are two extremely different people with different interests. And last but not least at one point my husband and his friends practically took over my home .I love my man and I can handle his friends in small doses individually but when two or more come over at once I get irritated and just want to be left alone.To me there is absolutely no down side to my husband having his own space in the house because it means I don’t have to hang out with his friends when they come over.Perhaps I feel differently about this than many women do because I grew up with two brothers I was always the only girl around amidst a group of guys and to be honest I don’t miss it.


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