The Myth of Female Intelligence

I don’t know which aspect of this article that I find more laughable. The fact that this idiot who is basically two steps above a cave man actually thinks he is anyone’s “intellectual superior” or his bragging about bringing an insecure teenage girl to the point of tears for calling her “fat” and criticizing her looks. Not only that but he acts surprised by the fact that she was “offended” by his sexist ableist diatribe. I am not easily offended

but I am surprised that I actually posessed the ability to read that garbage without throwing up after every. Other sentence.

I for one am actually of the mind to tweet something to this Neanderthal about “picking on someone his own size” his estimations about the supposed “Lie of Female intelligence” do nothing in my mind but prove What a boorish ape he is. So in his self absorbed mind these women he claims were his “intellectual equals” probably did nothing more than regurgitate his over ripe ideologies back to him, that isn’t a sign of intelligence its a sign that the female in question is lacking in self respect. I also find it humorous that he supposed that any man who is secure enough in his masculinity to allow his girlfriend or wife to be herself is “not a real man”. I am actually so grateful for my ” white Knight ” husband who not only didn’t order me “back to the Kitchen” but as a rule orders me out of it as it is his domain .We both play to our strengths and through years of learning, trial and error I have learned that I may be able to cook a decent meal but the kitchen is his .I love the fact that the first thing my husband asked me when we met was “what types of books do you read?” Not “what is your bust size?  I am also grateful that I have never encountered a man like this idiot in my life .As for my ” intelligence ” it may be mythical to him but as far as I am concerned I am glad someone that I don’t esteem to be “particularly bright” doesn’t think that I am a genuis.  However I would like to end this piece with a letter to that particular “college girl” Sweetheart I remember a time in my life that a criticism of my looks would render a similar reaction in me .I am ashamed to admit that I am 34 years old and it took me over a decade to realize that “men” like the one in question attack your physical person not because there is actually anything wrong with the way you look but because they are THREATENED by any woman who is alive and awake enough to realize that we have so much more to offer the world. You want to be an educator? An actress? So shoot for the moon Even if you miss you will land among the stars .As for this individual who said these things to you without knowing you without caring that you are more than a picture on a screen. A person who will probably never be denied a job on the basis of his terrible personality( too bad because I pity any decent human being having to work with him) if you are going to allow him or anyone like him to in any way “define” you , use of their criticism to fuel your greatness I don’t know you don’t know

if his estimation of your looks is even close to accurate. I do know this I was born missing a limb , I know that I was fed a lot of bullshit by both superficial men and superficial women and I unlike this person’s “fictional woman” had to be strong, had to be independent, I want to remind you that no one who doesn’t know you defines you .In fact this idiots anti Autistc statements about them being “arm flapping retards” was enough to solidify my belief that he wasn’t “brilliant” himself. Apparently he must be unaware

of the fact that it is believed that Einstein himself was autistc. Also being “fat” doesn’t automatically mean acting is a “poor career choice” Kathey Bates, Queen Latifah and many other overweight women are known far more for their acting ability than they are their measurements. In any instance I was taught that as long as I believe in myself then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks .Regardless of what this egotistical jerk seems to believe the majority of modern men are more the “White Knight” category than they will ever resemble this semi- literate caveman. I have a daughter and I am grateful she will not grow up in a world ruled by these Fred Flinstone wannabes- Sincerely a “female” who knows her place and it isn’t the kitchen.


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