How to be dominant with women, Part 2 – The Alpha Next Door

Wow! Reading this ridiculous article really made me Masculinity is so fragile that having a woman “argue with you” is behavior that needs to be corrected? And apparently I was correct about the whole “power play” thing that is the “chivalrous” act of opening doors.This is an indication of a man “gently taking the lead”. And good God she needs to feel at any moment you could crush her with your physical strength” but that you will only use your strength to protect her ,never to hurt her.I find it ironic that the author of this Article would probably find some of the sex/ attention as punishment / reward that they herald as being an “alpha” to be morally repugnant in a woman yet its OK for a man right? Call me crazy but I don’t like dividing men into ridiculous subcategories by their “sexual prowess” or lack thereof. When I am attracted to a man the only thing I care about is whether or not he actually listens to me, whether or not he is receptive to my ideas, what his smile looks like. That he genuinely laughs at my jokes.guess what fellas? We women are not some foreign alien species it is far beyond time that you accept the “Radical notion” that we are human beings. Also I want to address the simple fact that there is a sentence in this Article that makes it sound almost like a woman does not have the right to say no to sex based solely on the fact that she doesn’t want to. “If she is tired..etc use your judgment. Guess what ? We don’t owe you sex, whether we are dating you or married to you we still have the right to say no.I find this Article very perplexing to be honest because before Jonathan (my husband) and I were engaged I chose to abstain from sexual intercourse. I did this for a variety of reasons 1. As a believer yes I do believe premarital sex is a sin( I do not hold others to this ideal it is my personal conviction) 2 I always had this fear that I would experience sex with someone who later decided that was all they wanted from me.3 I needed to be sure that whomever I ended up giving my body to wanted my brain and my heart as well and in that regard my husband did not and does not disappoint. My husband cooked every meal in the beginning of our relationship and later took the reigns and taught me how to cook.He has been an excellent father to our three beautiful children ( when given the opportunity) he has stood by me , believed in me and supported me in my dreams. Not every woman wants an ” alpha” tbh my husband is my hero for the simple fact that he was there beside me as I gave birth heralding how “brave, and strong” I was for doing something that he could not do.I feel safe with him but in a very different way than described in this article. My husband is one of those rare men who does not need me to pretend to be “less of a woman” so that he can feel like “more of a man” so keep the white knight I prefer my squire or even “stable boy” any day.A guy like the one described here would only bore me.


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