Olivia Wilde Joins Absurd Crusade to Fight Nonexistent Problem. How Brave. | Daily Wire


Does this website seriously have a bunch of insecure twelve year old boys writing for them? The “mythological problem” of the wage gap isn’t just a matter of “wage disparity” it is also a matter of women being ousted out of longheld positions because they have become mothers.Of course taking care of a child is also an important job,however a woman should not be forced by a male employer, to not work because he feels justified in acting “paternal” and making that decision for her.The comments about Olivia “sexualizing her own body” while decrying men for doing the same were also taken out of context due to the fact that the picture men were “sexualizing” was of her breastfeeding her son,the other pictures were her choice to participate in. I for one do not understand how a man with any modicum of intelligence can Not understand the difference between a woman choosing to “sexualize” her own body and men reducing her to nothing more than a pair of tits are anywhere near being the same thing. Because as a woman when I see a man with an awesome six pack I still understand that there is still a human being behind that chiseled chest.The facts may not care about your feelings but I as a decent human being always have and always will. If you don’t care about mine, that just goes to show that you are not as “objective” as you might like to believe.


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