Middle School Gives Kids Worst Assignment Ever. Chaos Ensues. | Daily Wire


This article like everyone that I have read on this website is largely slanted.As someone who was once actually studying towards a degree in Education I can clearly see the objective of this particular assignment: Critical thinking and objective reasoning leading to a better and more informed world view.only an absolute moron would actually believe this teacher was suggesting that students actually recruit for the Terrorist organization. I am reminded of the holocaust in looking at this assignment and of digging deeper into understanding the ideology that was allowed to permeate Europe before Hitler came to power. In so many ways our world is now lying in turmoil due to ignorance fueled by religious fervor.I found it interesting that alternative assignments were offered but no students chose to opt for a less “challenging ” assignment. This actually gives me a great deal of hope for the younger generation : our kids are attempting to understand the motives that are fueling this well oiled machine. Who in the history of humankind has ever attempted to overcome an enemy without exploring the ideology that has turned them into what they have become? I do not see this in fact as “the worst assignment ever” I merely think the author of this article does not have a mature or realistic understanding of its intended purpose, to actually educate our kids about how propaganda works, a lesson that could actually benefit them in ways far beyond the classroom setting.


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