Is the Refugee Crisis Creating a European Rape Crisis? | Daily Wire

You know what I find ironic about this post: This question in the comments feed”why didn’t the woman in question seek police help sooner? So let me get this straight this woman was supposedly raped by two men ,Syrian refugees and penetrated on both sides, probably bloody, “roughed up ” and in fear of her own life and you still evoke the right to act like an ignorant moron in the face of this injustice .I find it ironic in the simple fact that there are those claiming that “refugees created a rape crisis in Europe” when the reality is that the rape crisis affects men, women and children in every single hemisphere of the known world.Throughout my years as a ” Social Justice Warrior ” I have spoken with people from all walks of life that were more than just “casualties” in the rape epidemic .In fact living with the Post traumatic stress disorder that often accompanied sexual assault “death” would sometimes be a welcome relief.Instead these individuals are often haunted by the memory of someone close to them who has violated them in a very real and traumatic way. Rape isn’t a problem that is limited to a particular caste or religion.It also is not an opportunity for anyone to jump on the anti Muslim bandwagon because like it or not “the facts don’t care about your feelings” and the fact still remains that the majority of women or men who are raped are far more likely to be raped by someone that they know and trust than they are to be raped by a Syrian (or any other type) of refugee .


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