Why I Will Never Respect Meghan Trainor | Ambitiously Living

While the author of this particular blog does make some valid points I feel she is somewhat misinformed.To begin I was once a “naturally petite framed woman” and I can speak from experience in saying that my “body image issues” at that age began and ended with feeling like I had no breasts.I desired a “curvier” build but there was no period of changing my entire diet and lifestyle in order to achieve that goal. It was something I could live with or without. For big girls it is not the same thing some of them are literally “dying to be thin” even famous actresses who are considered the epitome of beauty have struggled with anorexia and bulimia because the pressure to be thin is felt by all.Since my late twenties I have now fit into the “plus size” category of the spectrum and I can say the following: even before becoming “fat” I had body image issues but none of them were in any way related to being “thin”
I was born missing my left forearm and I have psoriasis which covers over 80% of my body area. I never felt like I FACEd half as much ridicule about either of these physical attributes as I did about being even slightly overweight.The amount of comments and opinions about my body hurled in my direction by men (whose opinions I did not ask for) where thrown in my direction at a rate I felt was entirely inappropriate a friends father “critiquing” my figure was something I never experienced before the 200 lb mark.I realize that not everyone’s experience is my own but if the young woman reading this spent a day in the life of an overweight woman she might possibly be able to understand. As a woman with a “petite” frame I was heralded as “cute” and “compact” society teaches us that women are supposed to be small in stature” she’s such a pretty little thing ” is a “compliment” often spoken of young women but the implication here is that only men are supposed to be “large and in charge” if a woman is larger on average than most other women she is considered “masculine” and “undesirable” .This is something thin women are never really told that they are “mannish” .The comments about “silicone barbie dolls” seemed pretty self explanatory to me as well. Silicone is used during plastic surgery, it used to be what they put in “augmented breasts” before the induction of saline of course. The reference was to a “cookie cutter mold” of beauty it was not meant to shame “thin women”. Yes some of Meghan Trainor ‘s words about “” not having the strength for an eating disorder ” were quite ignorant but the important thing to remember is that she is a “pop star” , not a PhD.I suppose to me the message was seen from a different filter because as one of those “big bottomed girls” I needed a reminder that not all men fit the same mold while there are guys who “fetishize” dainty women there are also those who appreciate those of us with a bit more meat on us,this does not automatically translate to me into “thin is the new fat” its more like ” celebrate your curves” and stop walking around with your head down because you don’t fit this narrow definition of beauty.” Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top ” furthermore the lyrics about “skinny bitches” were immediately followed by. “Just kidding I know you think you are fat” I strongly believe that there is so much truth in that statement I have met so many naturally thin women who called themselves “fat” that it makes me wonder if they suffer from some type of media induced “body dysmorphic disorder” that makes them see themselves differently than they appear to the rest of the world. To me that is the message in a nutshell “objects in this mirror are prettier than they appear”.


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