Du Pont heir convicted of rape spared prison – CNN.com


Let me get this straight: This guy was unequivocally proven to have molested his tiny toddler daughter and yet he walked away Scott free? His suspended probation sentence equated to nothing more than a slap on the wrist? And the reasoning behind not sending him to jail was because he was a “spoiled rich brat” who would not “fare well” in prison? And people actually believe male privilege doesn’t exist? On what planet could this line of defense even be used? Not to mention that according to his ex wife he also molested their son, but that was just swept under the rug…What baffles me about this entire story is that a judge agreed to a suspended probation sentence merely because his life of “privilege” meant that he would not “fare well” in prison. So what? That is kind of the way it always is with child molesters isn’t it? They are not meant to “fare well” in prison they are typically attacked by other inmates. Am I supposed to believe that granting a pampered selfish spoiled brat a “suspended sentence,” wasn’t somehow motivated by money? Seriously this entire story reeks of corruption: I have only one question “,What was the Judges asking price? Because as far as I am concerned his honor belongs behind bars as well and the bribe he accepted should be the starting point of his own “, bond money”.


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