my reblog of Jessica Valentis thought provoking article: My own title to my portion: A rape by any other name

This is literally the saddest and simultaneously most infuriating “truth” that I have witnessed regarding the strange legal and moral aspects of sexual assault or rape. Reading this article makes me worry about what these implications mean :1. The word “rape” was banned from being used at a rape trial. 2. A photograph documenting sexual assault or an aspect of an unlawful act by a police officer was used to incriminate a victim of forced oral sex, and to allow a corrupt cop to go free 3. Even when there was unequivocal proof that a woman had been raped she was decried as a “slut” by her peers .Am I supposed to believe after reading this and so many similar articles that “rape culture” doesn’t exist? I believe It was Hermione Granger that said”fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself ” Why should the word “rape” pose a threat to a man behind a Judges bench? Is there an aspect of himself he is afraid of identifying by denying a woman the right to call rape what it is? As for the prevailing notion that women often “mistakenly” refer to “bad sexual experiences” as “rape” because they later regret their “choice, I pose this question: If a man can claim that sex is supposedly ” consensual” and be taken at nothing more than his word to validate that fact without qualifying “proof” of his claims , then why can’t a woman claiming that it was not consensual be taken merely at her own word? For all the claims that women are the “gatekeepers” of sexual experience and supposedly hold all the cards in these interactions I see very little of women’s thoughts or feelings regarding their own experience being treated with any objectivity, civility or human decency. If a rose by any other name is still a rose than it stands to prove that a rape by any other name remains a “rape” referring to it as “consensual” will never change that fact.


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