Executives at second L.A. County youth home are accused of embezzlement – LA Times


This is not the first time that the DCF was investigated for fraud.A few years ago I read an article about a young woman who had aged out of foster care.She tried to open up a bank account and was told that she owed money on her “mortgage payments” well this young lady was previously a “ward of the state” and had never owned a piece of property in her life! She did some digging and discovered that someone within the agency had stolen her identity and bought a house using her social security number. Unfortunately these stories are all too common.Many biological parents have reported that themselves and other loved ones have taken their children clothes, toys food,or gift cards just to find out that social workers often divide this stuff up and give it to their own children or grandchildren rather than the child it was initially intended for.
When my stepmother finally got custody of my oldest son she told me that she went to Wic for Nicholas and was told that the foster parent had already spent his Wic vouchers for that month.So she had to wait another month for Wic to kick in. While she didn’t mind buying Nick formula and food from her own pocket we were both upset that his Wic vouchers were not in fact being spent on him.This is the insanity that is the child welfare industry they falsely claimed that my husband and I did “not feed him” meanwhile he was actually not being properly fed in the foster home. My counselors repeatedly told the agency that they saw us feed our son on numerous occasions. Not only that but on the day of his removal I told them I had several unspent Wic vouchers in my possession and even brought them to the agency so that the foster parents could utilize them.

We proceeded to bring food to every visit, feed him at every visit and even took pictures of ourselves feeding him yet our reports still stated that we “did not feed him or engage him in play” it was an absolute lie.Unfortunately the fact that the reports contained lies and outrageous statements that were continuously disproven did not matter to the judge when reaching his final verdict.The insane thing to me about so many cases that I have become familiar with is that the more insane or outrageous something is the easier the public seemed to swallow it.


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