8 reasons why real men would never cheat | Relationship Rules | Page 5


I definitely agree with the premise of this article but I just want to add: Real women don’t cheat either. I know this theory that in order to be “equal with men” we have to “level the playing field” and sleep around became popular during the sexual revolution. Here is why I think its hogwash1 I have never been a fan of the concept of “casual sex”. To me the words even sound strange juxtaposed. For me sex is about getting to ” know ” someone in the most intimate and “personal” way imaginable. There is absolutely nothing “casual” about it. I have noticed lately that young women are behaving in many instances like being labeled a “slut” is somehow a badge of honor.Please do not misconstrue my words I am in no way a proponent of “slut shaming” but I do believe that celebrating promiscuity is the extreme to which our culture has gravitated. So much so that one of my brothers at one point ended up engaged to a girl who not only cheated on him (I know it happened because they were living under my roof at the time) but had him beat up.Once she actually bragged that her nickname was the “bicycle” because everyone had “gotten a ride” .I will never understand this mentality. With sexuallly transmitted diseases and teen or just unwanted pregnancy being on the rise the celebration of debauchery is highly disturbing. I don’t like this attitude that suggests that sex should be a “National past time” .I have never had sex outside of a loving committed monogamous relationship and feel like it would be foolhardy to jump into bed with anyone without knowing how many sexual partners they had, if they had been tested and whether or not they were carrying a disease. If I am not comfortable enough with a guy for him to answer these questions or him not comfortable enough with me then sex is not a possibility. I also loathe the so called male pickup artist movement.These so called experts are greatly misleading a number of impressionable young men into believing that there is some kind of “magic formula” in getting a woman to sleep with them there isn’t. For one women are people not “sexual vending machines” you do not learn a special “code” enter it and get the “sexual treat” of your choice. You can use all your “secrets” on some women and you will still fail, here’s why: If a woman doesn’t already want to have sex with you .you will do nothing but annoy her by continually making it clear that you are far more interested in that then you are in her.2 just because a woman is at the bar on ladies night doesn’t mean she wants to be picked up or that she’s available sometimes girls like to go out and have fun just like the “guys” do.Our idea of fun however when we are already taken does not include picking up random desperate strangers that hit on every girl they see


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