War on Christmas?


This is the Jesus that I know the Jesus that came to seek out and save those who are lost.During this holiday season does it really make sense to be upset over the design of a “Starbucks” logo? Or to claim that there is a “War on Christianity” in this nation because not everyone says Merry Christmas ? I am not trying to bash my friends that believe that our culture may be becoming too “Pc” but I challenge my brothers and sisters in Christ to remember that the holidays can be a very depressing and lonely time for those without homes or those suffering loss in their families. The suicide rate escalates around the holidays so sometimes this “war on Christmas” we speak of isn’t about us or the designs on holiday cups its inside of us.Are we so quick to take offense that we have forgotten what Christmas is supposed to be about? We celebrate the day our Savior came into the world (whether you believe that it is the day of his actual birthday or not) but more importantly we need to be bringing his message of “peace on earth, good will toward humankind” to the highways and byways. We need to uplift and encourage the broken to offer relief to the destitute to feed the hungry and clothe the naked. We cannot allow ourselves to become entangled with the trivial because we have people out there literally dying by their own hands and they cannot afford to become casualties in what we are defining as a “war on Christmas”.


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